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Investments and new projects

Investimenti - Terra Bio

The general assembly of the co-operative society appoints an administrative council composed solely of farmers. One of its tasks is to determine the definitive price to be paid per product. Besides this, it takes all the decisions which apply to structural investments, loans or funding issues.

The new projects which were recently passed are devised to ensure the continued development of the co-operative society. They are conceived with the aim of making the best us of our own facilities, by reducing distances, greater reliance on our internal quality assurance, and perfec-ting our system of uninterrupted traceability. Besides this TerraBio will be making use of the local infrastructure in order to achieve and maintain an economically viable production quan-tity.

All the investments of these last years in machineries, instruments, silos and in the cooperative’s point of sale, contribute in increasing and completing both our capacity and the organic production process.


These are our next goals:

  • We want to maintain or even increase the level of employment which we have reached by raising the production amount;
  • The efficiency and sustainability of our production methods should be improved even fur-ther, by doing more jobs ourselves, wherever possible, and reducing production costs;
  • Our produce consists of quality products from the Italian Marches. This aspect represents added value, a message which we need to get across to the general public;
  • We want to acquire further agricultural operations as members and increase the quantity of organic products processed. In this way we can strengthen our position on the market;
  • Further improvements are to be made to our quality assurance, particularly with regard to our system of uninterrupted traceability;
  • We want to increase the total yield of our operations by employing new technologies and we intend to pass on the resulting experience gained, for example, in the sphere of solar energy or the use of biogas, to our operations;
  • By cultivating new crops such as shoots or vegetable seed, the economic viability of our agricultural operations and foodstuff processors should be improved.

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