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Responsibility in every sense

Mezzo - Terra Bio


Naturland FairTerra Bio supports local growers in their commitment to organic agriculture. In this way we make a valuable contribution to the protection of the environment and the biodiversity of our homeland. At the same time we are thus encouraging the creation of new jobs at a local level and the establishment of a fair and sustainable model for our economic and social policy.

Our co-operative society plays an active part in traditional events and special occasions in the province of Pesaro-Urbino. We give financial and material support to numerous social and cultural activities.

In our role as farmers’ representatives, we strengthen their position on the market and create better initial conditions for them when concluding agreements. This applies both to the pur-chase of means of production and to the sale of raw goods. Besides this, we are active cam-paigners within those political institutions which are responsible for agriculture.

Our members benefit from lower purchasing and higher selling prices. At the end of the har-vest period they receive a down payment which enables them to finance their expenses for the next sowing season. Since they are members of our co-operative society, they are all jointly certified according to the requirements of EC eco-regulation 834/2007 and the stringent stand-ards of each of the organic associations. In this way expenses are considerably reduced and they are borne entirely by TerraBio.

The Naturland Fair certification stresses the social responsibility of our Cooperative, allowing the consumer to partecipate in the creation of an ecological, social and fair system.

Buying Naturland Fair certified products the consumer guarantees:

  1. Fair prices for our farmers allowing them to cover their costs and get an adequate profit
  2. Long-lasting and reliable trade relations, based on reciprocal respect
  3. Social responsibility, especially in in terms of fair wages
  4. Social commitment by creating new jobs and enhancing projects for the safeguard of environment and culture.

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