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Our particular strengths

Materie Prime - Terra Bio


Since 1997 our co-operative society has been championing organic agriculture and the food industry in the Marches. One of our aims is to enhance the status of local and national organic operations. Another is to establish quality assurance and promote food safety regulations. These measures far exceed those taken during inspection by certification authorities.

Every stage of production, from the sowing of the seed to the manufacture of the final pro-duct, is monitored by the co-operative society. A team of consultants is available both to the members and to external operations, currently consisting of three individuals. They assist the farmers with agronomic decisions concerning, for example, the cultivation of the soil or the choice of seeds and fertiliser. Besides this, it places its know-how at their disposal if they need help with administrative matters or entries in farm records and training schedules. And finally they pass on information promptly on current developments in organic agriculture.

TerraBio owns a computer system which enables the path of all incoming and outgoing raw goods to be traced without interruption. Those members of staff responsible for quality control check the vehicle and the condition of the incoming goods as soon as they arrive. After visual inspection, the accompanying documents, which show the supplier, the carrier, the transport document and certification, are checked. Next the quality of the goods is determined. This in-cludes the shipping weight and the specific weight, humidity, impurities and the general con-dition, as well as the proportions of gluten and proteins.

Each reference sample taken is sealed in the presence of the supplier and retained for the eventuality of any complaints about the goods. The information obtained during the quality analyses is saved in the computer system and given a lot number which appears on all in-voices and goods transactions. In this way TerraBio is able to guarantee complete traceability.

Throughout storage, our staff take regular product samples. In this case the storage tempera-ture and humidity are measures, but the goods are also chec ked for possible infestation with insects. Permanent quality control is thus guaranteed.

In summary, the co-operative society provides its customers with safety at three levels: regular inspection by an independent organic inspection body, its internal traceability system, and the specialist advice given to the farmers, all of which guarantee the highest organic quality.


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