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We at TerraBio

Most of those on the TerraBio team are young people. Some of them started their careers with us and were taken on the permanent staff upon completion of their trial period.

Each member of staff is instructed to observe our general operating rules. Among other things, this means that the areas in and around the offices have to be kept clean and tidy. Likewise it is obligatory to recycle plastic and paper and to save energy. For this reason lights and computers have to be switched off after use, without exception. TerraBio’s electricity is provided by a solar panel system mounted on the roofs of the warehouses and which produce 200 kW.

The staff have access to free mineral water. It is provided in bottles, so that the empties can be recycled to protect the environment. Besides this, every member of staff can use the kitchen and cook organic produce from the co-operative society. If the required ingredients are not in stock, they can buy them from external sources and charge them against expenses.

To enable the staff to stay mobile, TerraBio has its own fleet of vehicles which can be used for working purposes.

The co-operative society places great store by safety at the place of work and has placed first aid kits everywhere. The staff are at all times informed which colleagues are responsible for first aid or in the case of fire. These colleagues are prepared for their task by attending the corresponding training courses.

At regular intervals the members of staff elect a colleague whom they can contact if they have problems and who then informs the operations manager. The atmosphere of mutual trust and the free exchange of communication between its members of staff is partly attributable to the co-operative society’s manageable size.

The co-operative society complies with the statutory working hours whilst offering its staff great flexibility. This is particularly applicable to women who have to combine the demands of career and family. Besides this, overtime, which is unavoidable during the summer because of the harvest, is remunerated at a higher hourly rate.

The staff are directly involved in all business decisions. These can range from issues concerning internal organisation to the development of new business strategies.

Gambini Maurizio

Gambini Maurizio - Legale Rappresentante di Terra Bio Soc. Coop

Legal representative of the co-operative society, re-sponsible for purchasing and selling

Frauke Weissang

Frauke Weissang - Vendite estero

Special responsibility for sales, certification and trade fairs abroad

Boffa Walter

Boffa Walter - Responsabile acquisti e vendite al dettaglio e all'ingrosso.

Responsible buying and selling retail and wholesale.

Dr. Meliffi Germana

Meliffi Germana - Tecnico: Certificazione - Sicurezza sul Lavoro e HACCP

Consultant for certification, safety at the place of work and HACCP, purchasing, selling and means of operation

Ferri Francesco

Ferri Francesco - Tecnico - Logistica

Consultant for logistics and organisation

Masia Bruna

Valentina Edera - Addetta al punto vendita aziendale

Responsible for office management, switchboard, minutes and certification

Marcolini Emanuele

Marcolini Emanuele - Apprendista Magazziniere

Apprentice warehouseman

Marcolini Francesco

Righi Thomas - Lavorazione materie prime. Addetto impianto di pulizia, insaccamento, selezione ottica.

Processing raw materials. Officer cleaning system, bagging, optical selection.

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