The Cooperative has become in no time a point of reference for many organic farmers, who became its members, giving it their raw materials for processing and related marketing.


Durum Wheat, Soft Wheat, Spelt Dicoccum, Spelt, Oats, Barley, Millet

Mountain lentils, green lentils, chickpeas, borlotti beans, cannellini beans, green peas

Sunflower Seeds, Flax Seeds, Alfalfa, Clover

Durum Wheat: San Carlo, Achille, Orobel, Claudio, Antalis, Santograal;

Soft Wheat: Bologna, Rebelde;

Spelt: Dicoccum; Dried edible green pea;

Favino: Dark Torrelama, Light Torrelama; Barley;

Clover: base, pre-base for seed reproduction and food supply chain;

Sunflower: Chickpea: Wrinkled, Smooth; Flax; Millet;

Lentil: Eston, Crimson;

Alfalfa: base, pre-base for seed reproduction and food supply chain;

“….. the Cooperative supports the organic farming of local producers, protecting the environment and biodiversity, defending local employment, and contributing to the affirmation of a more equitable and sustainable economic and social model…. ”

One of the objectives is to support the power that farmers can hone over the market, guaranteeing greater contractual power both in the purchase of technical means and in the sale of raw ingredients.

By purchasing Naturland Fair products, consumers guarantee:

Over the years, the Company has given life to a controlled organic supply chain project, to enhance Italian and local organic production, and ensure its quality and food safety. From sowing to the finished product, the whole process is strictly monitored. In addition to the oversight of the certification body, the Cooperative makes use of a technical structure capable of offering a service to all member and non-member agricultural producers, from the agronomic choices on working the land, to the selection of seeds and fertilisers. As a result, the Cooperative is able to provide a double certification: organic and traceable, thus guaranteeing the consumers of our products.